Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

chilling in Long Beach


Flew out Friday & my friend Kristen picked me up at LAX & we hung out at her house in West Hollywood for a bit, ordered chinese & watched True Blood, then she drove me down here to Alex & Rachel's. Yesterday we had a brilliant breakfast at the Shore House, checked out a row of vintage clothing & antique furniture shops heavy on the mid century modern, saw Land of the Lost, trekked down to the wetlands and hiked for a few miles & shot many photos of pelicans, terns and egrets & then feasted on kobe beef shabu shabu at Kojis in Orange - yum :)

Today we'll be heading to the Ink & Iron tattoo festival held on the Queen Mary ocean liner where there is an amazing lineup of psychobilly bands playing including Eric's band The Henchmen, The Koffin Kats, The Peacocks, The Creepshow, Frenzy & Batmobile, also checking out the burlesque show, shopping and checking out the tattoos, out to be great! And yesterday we ran into Ozzie from the Black Rose Phantoms who let us know that they'd be playing late tonight at the Slidebar in Fullerton after Ink & Iron let out so we'll be heading down there afterwards to catch BRP, gonna be a busy day!

Meanwhile I uploaded a couple shots of the pelicans to flickr, will put up lots more when I get home, I was thrilled to find these guys!

Tags: photography
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