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catching up - pix from Ink & Iron Tattoo fest

Its too hot & humid to go outside so I'm instead in lurking indoors catching up on posting some of the pix I took two weekends ago when I went out to Long Beach & visited my friends Alex & Rachel. That Sunday (June 7th) we went to the Ink & Iron tattoo festival held on & next to the Queen Mary ocean liner docked permanently in Long Beach. There was an amazing lineup of psychobilly bands playing, a lot of booths selling all kinds of neat art, jewelry, clothing etc & on the QM herself there were three floors of tattoo artist booths

Also there was an amazing car show - I think I found my ultimate Dream Car (sigh!, now i just need a ton of $$ although it is prolly not for sale)- a vintage 60's Caddy hearse customized to a wild hot rod in metal flake bright PURPLE with gargoyles painted on the sides & a nifty little pinstriped coffin in the back. Vanity plates read "KRGOYLE", natch. Oh sigh!!! I googled it & found out it was customized by Barris Customs, the same customizing shop who did the Munsters cars and the original Batmobile!

lots more pix of it & many other amazing cars here -


there were some amazingly horrible 70's era pimped out numbers that had me feeling like I was with a bunch of giant Hot Wheels!!!


here are my friends (Left to right) Eric Razo, Adam & Emily Marilyn!


my friend Rachel, she always looks like a model :)

Dan from the Dear & Departed taking a short beak from tattooing at his booth - he now works at Kat Von D's shop High Voltage Tattoo


from my shopping spree -

beautiful print I bought from the tattoo artist Henning - http://www.royaltattoo.com

Sterling silver & Enamel sugar skull ring I bought-

This fellow had a booth & sold these wonderful painted sugar skulls-

I had trouble deciding on one....

I finally decided on this one because it was very Horrorpops-ish
Calavera Girl

and a pair of hand painted fridge magnets - only $5 each!!!

more misc pix from Ink & Iron-

and from my trip in general -


this was a great piece of street art I spotted in Long Beach on a deserted gas station (Mobil I am guessing....)


I flew out & back on Virgin America and just love their mood lighting....


They are having some great fares, about $100 each way from Dulles to the west coast, so looks like Southwest finally has some competition for my business! Virgin has some other pluses too- like a mobile entertainment center built in the seat backs with at touch screen - you can watch TV or movies or listen to music (fairy decent selection too - NIN, Bowie, The Killers, Depeche Mode etc), you can also order meals & swipe your credit card to pay - I ordered a steak sandwich & it was delivered about 2 minutes later!!! Then spent the rest of the flight watching episodes of LOST. Will definitely be taking Virgin again as they sent me a 20% off coupon!
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