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If you have a moment....

Please go over & vote in the LiveJournal Advisory Board election - direct link here:


I'm very much in support of Kyle Cassidy a/k/a kylecassidy; he has posted his stance on LJ here:


I especially support his platform that

"The biggest change the LiveJournal needs to make is in recognizing that its users have spent hundreds or thousands of hours creating their presence here. Recently we've seen a wave of attacks by malicious individuals or groups who delete peoples accounts and replace them with links to malware websites. In the grand scheme of things, this is probably to be expected. But it is inconceivable that LiveJournal has no way to restore deleted accounts. This boggles my mind. What it says to users is "don't trust us with your work." There needs to be a mechanism for backing up and restoring LJ accounts. LiveJournal needs to realize that they are a mechanism for people's memories."

I know this has become an online diary of sorts for me, I find myself reading back thru old entries to aid my memory at times, its replaced the 10 page letters I used to write some of my friends weekly and helped me better keep in touch with others. I panic at the thought of them getting wiped out accidentally or maliciously and would be much relieved if some sort of backup system was in place, it would even be worth paying more in paid accounts to support.

Also BTW Kyle is one cool fellow - lover and rescuer of homeless kitties including the internet-famous Roswell and a damn fine photographer as well! He ranks #1 on my list of LJ friends I haven't yet in person but hope to someday!

So if you have a chance, please vote!
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