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summer movies...

Caught "Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince" last night -'twas quite good though rather dark & sobering, I will admit it was easier to watch it having read the last book and understanding why certain characters did what they did, would have been much harder to take without that insight. Alan Rickman always impresses the hell out of me, Helena Bonham Carter is just wonderfully insane and creepy and everybody does a great job. First movie I can think of to include a funeral for a giant spider too! I don't even know HOW they'll manage to film the final book, they had to wack out huge chunks of plot to get this one down to 2 1/2 hours but I think they did a decent editing job.

Also caught "Moon" a few days ago, an odd science fiction film written & directed by Duncan Jones who I first heard of when he was a small child named Zowie Bowie - so this is what happens when you grow up in the shadow of Major Tom. Subtle but very effective and well done, reminds me of what you might get if you crossed Silent Running and Blade Runner. Also great score by Clint Mansell, formerly of Pop Will Eat Itself!

Dying to see District 9 - the theater last night had some great mini posters hanging up including one on the bathroom that said "Humans Only" that greatly confused the little girl walking into the theater for Harry Potter ahead of me!

Also noticed that the Landmark now sells Pocky - wonder if they are stocking up for the new Miyazaki film Ponyo?

Still need to see Public Enemies too - gack, a Johnny Depp film I haven't seen yet?

Finished my LOST marathon a while back & then dove into season one of Fringe which I really enjoyed. Now totally hooked on True Blood, plan on watching the last two episodes of Season one tonight. I just love Lafayette, he reminds me so much of my friend Jere' I knew back in college whom we affectionately nicknamed "The African Queen".
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