Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Yay I can see NIN again!

Trent Reznor sez Nine Inch Nails is coming to an end of sorts & first he said that the tour with Janes Addiction would be the last but recently they just announced a few "final final" shows in clubs. I took off a bit early from work to be home in time for the 5 PM onsale for NYC but had no luck on those as the site kept crashing, same for Chicago at 6 PM (5 central time) and then I just stayed in the "automatically refreshing waiting room" for 2 hours until 8 PM here or 5 PM Pacific time for the LA presale and finally got lucky - I missed on my first choice, the Echoplex which is supposed to be very small, but I did get tix for the Hollywood Palladium for Sept 2nd.

The first time I saw NIN was around 20 years ago on the Pretty Hate Machine tour at the old 9:30 club on F street with Die Warsaw opening, will be great to finally get to see them in something smaller than an Arena, especially if this is the last one for me.

(On the other hand how many times has David Bowie retired? How many "Final Damnation" tours have the Damned done? Give Trent a few years off & he'll prolly get bored enough to do some more shows!)
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