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butterflies at Brookside Gardens

I'm afraid I'd never heard of Brookside Gardens in the Wheaton park until my boss mentioned it to me when we were talking about the butterflies at the Smithsonian and she suggested I check out Brookside as their display is much larger.

So kisarazumama and I drove over there yesterday when they opened and found they were celebrating their 40th anniversary so for the day admission (normally $6 for the butterflies) was free. Glad we got there early too as after we'd come out somebody told us there was already an hour wait to enter!

Spent about an hour in the butterfly filled greenhouse and had a wonderful time playing with my newish macro lens (100mm Tokina ATX-Pro) as it was the first chance I'd really had to try it out, Everywhere you turned were tons of butterflies flitting about - just breathtaking! Need to go back, maybe some weekday morning when it is not so crowded!

Lots of pix on flickr, a few below cut -


I just love how you can see the pollen on the bee's legs & head!

Brookside - 04

little curled up butterfly tongue = cute!

butterflies-Brooksde - 51

a fruity sunday brunch

butterflies-Brooksde - 12

Brookside - 06

butterflies-Brooksde - 80

butterflies-Brooksde - 70

butterflies-Brooksde - 32

butterflies-Brooksde - 58

butterflies-Brooksde - 64
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