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A weekend for movies :)

Ctaching District 9 tonight at Kentlands, then tomorrow heading night to the AFI for a Peter Weller double feature of Robocop and Buckaroo Banzai (more in their "best of the '80s" summer program) and still have to figure out when to see Miyazaki's Ponyo and the new Chan-Wook Park Thirst (which is only playing downtown at the E Street). Seems like after a slowish summer in terms of what I wanted to see (at least compared to last summer) they areall coming at once.

Plus absolutely must see Inglourious Basterds as soon as it is out. (atomagedevilman - I wish we could make it to that with you!!!)

Totally hooked on the True Blood show, now working my way through all the novels that inspired the show, they are like literary junk food but fun as hell, I think of them as a guilty pleasure but a pleasure nonetheless. Got a boxed set on Amazon on Volumes 1-7 and am up to 6 so have just also ordered 8 & 9 and will have to wait until October for #10.
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