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AFI in Richmond @ the National (Oct 19 2009)

Had an awesome time yesterday - drove down to Richmond with my friend scarydavedc, stopping to buy some yen from a currency exchange in Potomac Mills and then on to Sticky Rice for a late lunch (that rare joint where one can dunk their bucket of tater tots in soy sauce with chopsticks) after which we headed over to the National to catch AFI.

Met up with LunaBat and were able to go in early my flashing our Despair Faction cards & getting gold wristbands from Smith. Once in we found some great spots on the rail right in front of Hunter. The crowd was so much calmer than they had been at the Starland Ballroom (hardly any crowdsurfers - hooray!!!) and not so packed so I was able to really enjoy the show without suffering any pain, yipee!

The Gallows opened again - I think their singer Frank was a bit frustrated at the laid back crowd & tried his hardest to whip them into a frenzy without a whole lotta luck. Quote of the night "Are you ready to get fucked by AFI? Who doesnt want to be fucked by AFI? Think of us as the KY jelly to get you lubed up!" He got a small pit going of a couple guys running around the floor. Totally different then NJ but they are still awesome live. During the show Frank handed the mike to their drummer Lee as he had to "get something off his chest" and he called his girlfriend Tiffany on stage & asked her to marry him - it was really sweet :)

AFI were great - similar show to the Starland but with a few changes - for the AOD era song this time they did "Days of the Phoenix" which is a particular fav of mine.


Torch Song
Girl's Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt II
Too Shy To Scream
Days Of The Phoenix
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Okay, I Feel Better Now
Dancing Through Sunday
The Leaving Song
On the Arrow
Death of Seasons
Love Like Winter

The Interview
Miss Murder
Silver and Cold

Great to see xo_purity_ox there meet her friend Brigett, they ended up right behind us and we hung out a bit afterwards but had to start back as it was a long drive and I had to get up at 5:30 AM this morning for work - bummer!!! Finding a WaWa on the way back for a cheesesteak & tasteykakes break helped!!!

Did the best I could to get some pix with my little point & shoot, kinda dark as no flash allowed but they had some cool colored lighting that the flash would have washed away.

Next AFI stop, Roseland in NYC on Friday the 13th of November (the day after I get back from Japan - I MUST be mad!) and then the Gallows are playing here in DC that Saturday at DC9 which will be completely insane to see them in a small club

A set of my pix on flickr -











I need better pix of Jade, he didn't come over to our side too much and when he did he was usually in a dark spot :( Maybe I can get some in NYC






Lee giving Tiffany the engagement ring


xo_purity_ox & Brigette

xo_purity_ox & yers truly sistinas

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