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last weekend in LA.......

Been such a busy week I haven't had a chance to sit down & post about last weekend which I should do now before I head on out for yet another adventure tomorrow!

Flew out to LA a week ago with my friend Jennifer to catch the two Tiger Army OCtoberflame shows at the Wiltern Theater in LA. Flew Virgin America from Dulles and after arriving at LAX picked up our rental car & drove into Hollywood. Stayed at the Best Western Hollywood Hills which is really nice (well above average for the Best Westerns I've seen) & decorated in tons of movie & music memorabilia. We had Humphrey Bogart in the room and Elvis and Barbara Streisand hanging in the bathroom. Downstairs they have a great coffee shop, the 101 which is very old & retro, reminds me of the one in "Pulp Fiction" - it's kinda a hipster hangout but the food is great.

Not wanting to waste our time in LA, we woke up early Friday and since the stores weren't open we drove around checking out cool houses including the famous Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis house and his son Lloyd Wright's Sowden house and tooled around Los Feliz a bit until Wacko's opened & spent quite a while (and $) shopping there & checking out the shows in the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in the back. Cool stuff, If I'd had more $$ I totally would have wanted to buy the great painting of Tura Satana with a pink glittery background!

Then it was time to go pick up miseryxchord, can't believe it's been almost a year since I saw her! Tag team photographers reunited! We headed to Westwood for lunch at Native Foods & then back to the hotel & eventually down to the Wiltern. So great to see so many of my friends again including slyabney, janice, Jeff, Ashley & Laura.

The Creepshow from Canada opened & then CombiChrist came on & put on an amazing show with Wes Borland playing with them in crazy body paint.

Tiger Army was up last, so great to see them, I've been in withdrawal with only one show so far in 2009 (back in April in Las Vegas) and they played a great set that included "Remember Forever" played live for the first time ever! For the first encore Nick 13 came back out not with TA but with his solo band lineup for his upcoming country music project which includes Alain Whyte (formerly of Morrissey's band) on guitar & Geoff Kresge on upright bass - I am ashamed that I do not recall the names of the steel guitarist and drummer. They played a new song "When Will You Carry My Body Down" and then a honky-tony version of "Cupid's Victim", then went off & Tiger Army came back out for an encore including closing with "Annabelle Lee".


After the show a large group of us hung out in Dennys & finally stumbled back to the hotel.

Up early again the next day for breakfast at the 101 & went down to the Merry Karnowsky gallery as I wanted to see if they had any show posters for sale from the Camille Rose Garcia show last month. They did so I was able to get one and also one from her show last year in Berlin to add to my collection. The gal working there was super nice and said "gee, since you're fans of her work would you like to see the pieces we have in the back" and of course I said yes & she took us to the other side of the building where they still had up a huge mural she'd done for the show & a big painting "The Hydra of Babylon". I really appreciated that as it really helped make up for missing the show! And speaking of shows, they had some great stuff on display there in a show curated by Kent Williams including pieces by Barron Storey, John Muth, Dean Karr (including a huge framed print of one of his Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar photos), Chris Anthony (one of my absolute favorite photographers who's stuff blows my mind) and Kevin Llewellyn who does great paintings that remind me a lot of Michael Hussar - I think he studied under him?

Back to the hotel & then the Wiltern, met up with our friends again also joined tonight by Alex, rachel, Mary, April & David - yay!! Saturday the opening bands were Miss Derringer who were a lot of fun and The Peacocks, then Tiger Army. And again we got another sample of Nick 13's solo work and another new song "Gambler's Life" and the honky tonk "Cupid's Victim". Special treats that night included Nick performing Hechizio De Amor with Alain Whyte on guitar and for an encore they closed with Under Saturn's Shadow.

lots of pix on Flickr!!

cool shit in LA & my friends

The Creepshow


Tiger Army - Friday 10-23-09

Nick 13 solo - Friday 10-23-09

Miss Derringer

The Peacocks

Tiger Army - Saturday 10-24-09

Nick 13 solo - Saturday 10-24-09

Am dead tired now, must crash & get up early - I can't believe I will be off to Japan!!!!!

Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis house (if I win the mega millions I am SO buying this as it is on the market now for a cool $15 mil)




I loved this painting at La Luz de Jesus!


think I'll pass on the haircut


The Orthadox Reservoir Dogs strolling down La Brea on the Sabbath...


cool CRG mural


The Hydra of Babylon

painting by Kevin Llewllyn

Tiger Army!

Night 1 setlist for Tiger Army:

Night 2 Setlist:
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