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The Super Shuttle picked us up at about quarter to eight this morning & took us towards Dulles only to break down on the Dulles airport road. I blame the black cat that dashed across our path as we left the apartment complex. Super Shuttle sent another to fetch us & we still got to the airport in plenty of time & caught our flight to Narita. 14 hours - ack! I watched Zodiac, The Abyss, When Harry Met Sally and Angels & Demons and the adorable and immaculately coiffed ANA stewardesses brought tons of tasty food and beverages.

Landed at Narita, grabbed bags, sailed through customs & caught connecting flight to Fukuoka where we were met by tour guide and bus who took us to the Miyako hotel in Hakata. The room is tiny but very nicely appointed - the toilet even has a heated seat & you can choose it to spray your butt if you want! There is a soap, shampoo and conditioner rinse dispenser in the shower! The hotel is very nice, got a laugh that the bar in the lobby is called the Bronze - wonder if Buffy and the Scoobies hang out there?

Only downside - totally missing Halloween this year, left early the AM of the 30th and got here the night of the 31str due to crossing the international date line - major bummer! Wish I could have been in two places at once to catch the final 2 OCtoberflame shows & hoping one of my friends will post a set list!

DEAD TIRED. Must sleep now, up early to head to Sasebo and some cruise of a buncha islands.

Edit: Added some pix to Flickr -

Our travel agent & tour leader Akiko Keene at Dulles airport


Cece is welcomed to Fukuoka


we found the Bronze


postage stamp room fulla amenities


weird japanese toilet



outside our hotel

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