Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

greetings from Fukuoka!

Sorry no update earlier - had no internet access in Karatsu and trying to catch up & upload pix so I don't get too backlogged, will come back later when I have a chance & expand with descriptions, for the meanwhile you can read Paula's entries -

day 3 in Karatsu- http://kisarazumama.livejournal.com/53051.html

day 4 in Hakata - http://kisarazumama.livejournal.com/53421.html

my photos!!!

Our swank hotel in Nagasaki

Karatsu Kunchi festival and parade and Karatsu Castle

early morning scenery in Karatsu

Hakata doll factory and shoppe in Fukuoka

Now to check out and head to Beppu to visit the boiling hot springs of Hell! Probably no net access tonite either as we'll be in a traditional Ryuokan.
Tags: fukuoka, hakata, japan trip, karatsu, kunchi
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