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I'm published I'm published!!

Taking all those photos is finally being useful - tonight at Border's Books I picked up the October 2004 issue of BASS PLAYER magazine and in it is an interview with Geoff Kresge (formerly) of Tiger Army with one of my pix from the record release party at the House of Blues in Hollywood in July - whoo hoo!!! Geoff had told me they might use one of my pix back at the Hershey Warped show but I'm so happy they did!!! Hopefully Alternative Press mag will use some others as their photo editor wrote me for some live Tiger Army pix : )

And my friend Frank just PM'd me to tell me that 12 Step Rebels used some of my concert shots in their CD booklet! Dying to get that - I have it on order from psychobilly specialists Flying Saucer as i haven't been able to find it locally - blehh.... first release on Geoff's new label Dead Body Wreckords!
Tags: 12 step rebels, concert photos, tiger army
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