Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

back home at last

Arrived home yesterday morning from Dulles after the longest day ever (left Tokyo Narita airport at 11:10 AM and got to Dulles at 9:15 AM the same day - before I left - due to crossing the international date line) Slept much of yesterday, then got up, did laundry, went to grocery store & nabbed Chinese takeout, came back & dyed hair & showered, slept a bit more & now ready to head into DC to take a megabus up to NYC to catch AFI at Roseland tonight (then take 1:30 AM megabus home to DC & homefully sleep on the way). I know I am totally mad to do the AFI show on top of everything but I hate to miss them, have today off work already & at least I can sleep through Saturday and Sunday!

What a long crazy trip its been!
Tags: afi, japan trip, nyc
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