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Long Way Back from Hell... or Cleveland as the case may be : )

I just got back from Cleveland - the show was amazing!!!

I was up front on the barrier right between Glenn & Jerry Montana and it looked like Glenn seemed to be in a great mood & really enjoying himself.

I thought the show was freaking INCREDIBLE, I about died when I heard Tommy start the intro to "Bringer of Death" as I don't think I've heard Danzig play that in a good ten years or so and just that afternoon I was thinking about how much I'd love to hear it.

For the encore Glenn asked the audience what album they wanted to hear more songs from & held up fingers for "2", "3" and "4" for them to vote - the crowd wanted "2" so they did Snakes of Christ & Long Way Back From hell (I was screaming for the latter & very happy they did it)

I can't wait til next weekend to go to Norfolk & Atlanta - I also love the new set decorations, the two big oval pieces like the vinyl COS cover and the neat little platform Glenn stood on up front that had a bas relief sculpture of the classic Danzig skill with snakes wrapping around the horns (I kept staring at that thinking what an uber cool tattoo design it would make for an armband or something)

Got some nice souvenirs - Jerry threw me a pick (his new ones are very touching as they say RIP Dimebag "D" with his signature underneath in tribute to his friend) & the security guy was nice & got me the set list:

Eyes of Fire opened - I really enjoyed them, I'd liked them when I saw them at the Vegas & LA shows & since I got their CD then I knew their stuff a little better now - they even recognized me & their drummer gave me own of his sticks & we ended up talking to Matt (the singer/bassist) for a long time after the show - they are having a great time on the tour) - these guys are really nice fellows, they are a good band (closest I could compare to would be Tool or Neurosis tho they don't really sound quite like that so I'm grasping at straws), worth checking out tho!

Trivium was next, they were decent, reminded me a lot of Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu, very young guys and very enthusiastic - met them all hanging by their merch booth after the show & they were all very friendly & got them to sign my CD, sadly they are leaving within the week for another tour so I won't see them at the other shows I'm going to.

Kataklysm was the only disapointment to me - the music was good but I couldn't make out anything the singer said - that style of vocals just doesn't do anything for me as the lyrics are important to me so its hard for me to get into a band if I can't make out any of them : (

I am SO glad I made the 6 hour drive to Cleveland (just got back) - can't wait til next weekend, only disappointed I can't get the days off work to do NYC & Philly too : (
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