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one good thing that did happen in the last month :)

I found out on 98 rock Baltimore (which I had only turned on as my little recently found indie channel had switched formats to pop rock while I was in Japan) that ex-Danzig guitarist John Christ would be playing in Baltimore on "Black Friday" the day after Thanksgiving - the address for the club "Sinix" looked familiar and it turned out to be the same venue that was called Mac's last May when I saw the Quakes there so scarydavedc and I drove up to catch the show.

Was thrilled that I was able to just walk in with my D700 and got some pretty nice shots for a little bar with very little lighting :)

Its been nearly 15 years since I saw John Christ - I was at the last ever Danzig show in the USA with John Christ & Eerie Von at the Edge in Orlando FL in May of '95 (along with Judy, atomagedevilman and Devilman138 who runs the Seventh House website now) and I never thought I'd get to see him play again. I knew it was the end when John came out wearing an orange hockey jersey and Eerie Von was wearing Twiggy Ramirez's fluffy pink bathrobe (Marilyn Manson and Korn had opened) so I wasn't the least bit surprized when Eerie called me a couple weeks later to tell me that he and John had quit the band.

The show started a bit slow like John was a touch nervous and hesitant, but once he started playing he slipped into that musical nirvana where it was just him and his guitar and went...... heard medleys of bits and pieces of many Danzig riffs from Snakes of Christ, Am I Demon, Mother, She Rides, some of his own compositions from Flesh Caffiene and "For Christ's Sake" and a few covers like Jace Everett's True Blood theme song "Bad Things" which was awesome as well as some Hendrix riffs. He used a variety of guitars including a plugged in acoustic and a BC Rich Bitch and at the end was joined by the opening band Silvertung and jammed with them to play Knockin' On Heaven's Door and Mother.

After the show we hung out outside & eventually John came out, was glad to get to say "hi" after so many years & got my copy of Flesh Caffiene signed. Hope I won't have to wait so long to see him play again!

And in more memories of the "Good old days", Eerie Von has just published a book of his photos - my copy arrived yesterday from Amazon - you can grab Misery Obscura: The Photography Of Eerie Von (1981-2006) here!



scarydavedc with JC after show

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