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Liz and her doll binge.....

Sorry so quiet for a while, was suffering from a nasty upper respiratory infection which is doubly no-fun when you have bad asthma, finally dragged myself to the Doctor's office early last week & she put me on the heavy duty antibiotics (Biaxin) for a month since the Z-pack I got at the urgent care clinic in late Nov had just knocked it down & it came back stronger. Eeeep... at least I avoided the prednisone this time which is good as it has nasty side effects but because of that its taken longer to recover but I'm finally feeling better which is good, been itching to play with my airbrush but wanted to wait until I was breathing OK.

So I'm glad I have a 3 day weekend coming up to do some painting as my queue is growing! I've been rather on a doll binge lately & still need to finish the face of my Soom Cuprit girl I bought back in November - I have her body all painted but I wasn't 100% happy with the face (my first ever attempt anyhow) so I washed it off to redo it.

And now I have another to paint as well! I REALLY didn't mean to splurge again so soon after finding my dolly "holy grail" last week (I'll get to that in a moment) but I have a bad habit of checking ebay every morning & searching for "soom" and Tuesday morning I found a really cheap buy-it-now on one at the top of my wish list, the Soom werewolf boy "Chrom" and between the cheap B-I-N, free shipping and a coupon I had for ebay bux he was a steal! The seller was really nice too, sent him UPS and included some freebies and to my amazement he arrived yesterday afternoon in mint condition and she also threw in 2 wigs for him and a free pair of really nice high boots that are $59 on Soom's site! !!!!! I was able to find somebody selling his original outfit, wig and boots on the Den of Angels board so now I just need to track down the wolf legs separately. But he also needs painting as well as my Cuprit girl!

But the best is yet to come.... when I first found out about these Asian Ball jointed dolls (BJD) and that there were a lot more out there than the Volks Super Dolfies (which still really don't do much for me), my evil friend strangemuses who has gotten addicted very fast to BJD's showed me the Soom website and I fell way hard for their limited monthly line of human/animal/creature hybrid creatures like exquisitely beautiful demons and angels. My favorite by far was the incubus named "Sard - Night Odyssey" and unfortunately he seemed to be everybody else's fav too as they are long out of production & very sought after & sell for quite a lot on the secondary market. A few months ago due to demand Soom released a measly EIGHT more and had so much response they crashed their website, I got as far as getting one in my shopping cart only to find they were "out of stock". Big surprize!

Well, last week I found somebody selling one... then she got so much response she decided to auction but also gave a buy-it-now price so I bit the bullet and said "I'll take him" as I've been so frustrated from searching and seriously coveting those I've seen photos of... he was expensive but several hours later I had somebody write me to ask about buying two pricey bone china horses I'm selling so they'll cover his cost which is a huge relief! (I've been downsizing my horse figurine collection so I'll have less to move when we get another apartment this year as I just have too much stuff! So sell some, buy less stuff than I sell and I can go for some quality over quantity.... that's the theory anyhow.)

Anyhow he'll be coming from England and hopefully will be here in a week or so, can't wait to see him!! Now I just need to get some more clothes to fit them or I'll have too many naked guys lying around the apartment (is that a bad thing? Um, these dolls are certainly very, um, detailed) It's funny in that I was never interested in dolls when I was a kid (it was all about the Breyer horses then) but then again, they sure didn't make dolls like this! I can remember years back trying to resculpt a mego girl into a guy because all the male figures were too beefy for my tastes and I wanted a more androgynous look, I guess I was ahead of the curve!

Gack.... just started collecting these last summer and I'm up to 5!!!

for those who want to see what these look like, here are some links to photos on Soom's site -

My two new dolls - (promo pix on manufacturer's site)



the ones I already have -

Cuprit (need to finish painting her as I bought an unpainted one)


Sabik I.B. Hunter

(some pix of the last two fellas of mine on my flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/sistinas138/collections/72157622181865277/ )

I still want to eventually add these two to my collection when I can find ones I can afford as they will be pricey:

Beryl the Succubus

Vesuvia the Scorpion devil girl

my wallet is doomed, or is that soomed?
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