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Happy (belated) birthday Eddie!

Things have been rather quiet lately, the most excitment of late was last Saturday kisarazumama and I went up to Baltimore for the annual Edgar Allen Poe birthday celebration in honor of Eddy's 201st - it was rather disappointing that the Poe Toaster didn't show up on the night of the 19th as he has for the last 60 years to offer up half a bottle of cognac and 3 roses but certainly many folks tried to make up for it, well the roses anyway as there were quite a few on his grave this year. (If there had been cognac I do not know, perhaps the local winos had already made off with any bottles!) Somebody even put up a sign on the fence that said "Poe Toaster Applications Taken Here".

This year actor Jeffrey Combs did a one-man show entitled "Nevermore" playing Poe towards the end of his life as he is giving a reading of his work & becoming drunker & rather more unhinged throughout the performance, perhaps a bit of a controversial way to show him but they based it on many stories that made such an evenining certainly plausible. The play was directed by Comb's frequent collaborator Stuart Gordon (they are best known working together on "Re-Animator" based on a story by one of the fellows Poe certainly influenced, H.P. Lovecraft) and afterwards they did a Q&A session along with the writer of the play, Dennis Paoli, a long time friend of Gordon's.

Amused to see in attendance was last year's performer, John Astin :) It's great to see such a turnout of fellow intellectual geeks celebrating a writer!

lots of roses on Poe's grave this year

Q&A with Stuart Gordon (center) & Dennis Paoli (left)

and joined by Jeffrey Combs

We were a couple minutes late due to mondo-obsessive art collector Liz here.... I read on Audrey Kawasaki's LJ that she would be releasing a print for one hour that happened to fall between 6-7 PM (with the play to start at 7 PM) so I had to find a place with wifi en route and googled up a Panera Bread in Columbia and stopped there on the way, only to have the website crash due to the sheer #s of people trying to order and I nearly gave up as it took me about half an hour to get through but in the end I did land one and managed to get to Baltimore pretty quickly & just missed Combs' entrance.

I love the print - "Hyakki Yakou" or as I call it, "Girl with Yokai", it will be my first of hers :)

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