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a lovely tribute to Böcklin & my newest fav anime....

Last night I finally got a chance to watch the end of the Japanese anime show "Kuroshitsuji" (translated - "Black Butler") and could not help but be pleased to the lovely tribute to Swiss Symbolist artist Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901) as at the end the dying tragic protagonist is ferried not down the Styx but to his famous Isle of the Dead.

I really love this series, its my favorite anime since Death Note - was a bit slow and silly getting started but once it picked up speed & got darker & more intense it became really riveting. And I could not help but love Sebastian, the title's "hell of a butler" who is a most lovely demon & I am amused as hell by the completely insane rougue Shinigami (death god) Grell Sutcliffe who is flamboyantly gay and in love with "Sebby" (and has converted his death scythe into a chainsaw for something zippier).

Sebastian and his young master Earl Ciel Phantomhive (with whom he has entered into a Faustian contract)

and here is Grell -

Paula and I hunted all over Akhihabara and Nakano when we were in Japan to complete this set of figures and when I got home I decided I needed my own set & nabbed some on ebay -

and speaking of pretty demons, my "dream doll", a Soom very limited Sard (one of only 8 made in "Normal skin") arrived last week after much stress - the UK's Parcelforce charged an obscene amount to ship him express mail & then neglected to tell the sender they didn't deliver to US PO boxes so he ended up lost at Fedex for most of a week while i traced him down & figured out where he was as they never bothered to tell me! I was soooo relieved when they finally found him, if I hadn't gone hunting I have no clue how long it would have taken to find him! I was stressing quite a bit as he was very pricey & completly irreplacable!

But here he is, I took this inside with a flash & need a nice day when I am home while it is light out to take him out for better shots-

one Paula got-

I have ordered several elaborately tailored suits of victorian finery for him :) Meanwhile I've dubbed him "Ludovico di Cosimo", the Ludovico as he reminds me so much of Italian Rennaissance & Baroque art in the face (lips out of a Caravaggio painting or Bernini sculpture), the "di Cosimo" for quattracento painter Piero di Cosimo who created my favorite Satyr painting, "The Death of Procris"

meanwhile the evil Soom people have me on the hook again, I fell for their new offering "Chalco" and have put him on layaway:

I am such a sucker for these limited dolls, sigh!
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