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snowed in.......

Its pretty crazy here - we've been totally whalloped in the Washington DC area with snow. The first big storm started last Friday afternoon and they were smart enough to let everybody off work 4 hours early so I was able to leave at 11:30 AM and get home & grab some groceries and be safely home before it started. Once it started it didn't let up - there was somewhere around 20-30 inches in our area over the next 36 hours and the whole area is pretty much paralyzed as they've been unable to clear the roads or train tracks so mass transit is mostly shut down & driving is for the crazy daredevils only.

Last night the 2nd storm moved in and its still snowing happily - I think we have another foot or two on top of what was still there from the other day and there's really nowhere to move it to!

Work has been shut down all week so far and will probably be closed again tomorrow as Metro has just announced their buses and above ground trains will not be operating so there's no way to get there (I am NOT driving!) [update: the news just announced that the government is shut down again tomorrow]

We've been pretty much cooped up since Friday with two quick runs to the store once we dug out the car late Monday (we couldn't dig out the 6 foot drift behind it but since I'm a damn good parallel parker and the space NEXT to it was clear I eventually was able to move it out sideways - haha!! My crazy outside the box thinking sometimes WORKS!) and restocked groceries.... Tuesday morning I ventured to CVS and was shocked at how treacherous the (normally) heavily traveled main roads were & white knuckled it and got home before the 2nd storm hit.

There's a good chance I won't get back out until the weekend, I REALLY want to see the Wolfman so hope I can make a Saturday matinee (make sure I'm home before roads re-freeze!!!) and then Monday is a holiday (Presidents Day), already wondering if I should reschedule my dentist appointment for Tuesday evening as there might be more snow Monday - ACK!!!!

At least I have lots in the apartment to keep me busy, I finished painting the face on my Soom Cuprit doll I've been working on off and on for months as I hadn't been happy with her and dug through the stack of books I haven't read yet and started on the perfect choice - "The Terror" by Dan Simmons, a Victorian era historical horror novel based on the failed John Franklin 1845 expedition to find the Northwest passage that also inspired one of my favorite Landseer paintings, "Man Proposes, God Disposes" (shown above, click on jpg to see larger version, the original is HUGE and most impressive in person!)
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