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A neon cactus in the night…..

Had a great few days out in Southern California, still recuperating from my trip!

Flew out last Wednesday with my friend Jennifer from National airport to John Wayne/Santa Ana via American and we got in early in the afternoon & had a great lunch at Native Foods, then checked into our hotel. I booked thru priceline and got an amazing deal on a very nice hotel – the Doubletree next to the Block at Orange for only $52 a night, quite a bargain! We went shopping a bit & caught “Get Him to the Greek” at the 30 screen theater that night as Jennifer hadn’t seen it yet. I think it’s the funniest film of the year – Russell Brand as crazy rock star Aldous Snow is such a hoot, the fellow swaggers as well as Captain Jack Sparrow. Must see more of his stuff! After that I got a chance to hang out with my friend Louie Bones for a few hours - hadn't seen him in quite a while so we yattered & caught up quite a bit, I had really missed him and was happy to see him again.

Thursday morning we met up with my friend Jeff and hit up a few cool little shops in downtown Fullerton before heading out on our road trip to Pioneertown where Nick 13 would be playing that night with his solo country band. En route we picked up miseryxchord at the Devil’s Trailer Park and then Mary who met us at her mom’s place right off the highway.

Pioneertown is way the heck in the middle of NOWHERE but very very cool, I believe it was built as a set for old western films and certainly the one horse town looks like it is just waiting for Clint Eastwood to come moseying down main street. Very scenic, had fun getting some pix before the show.

Nick 13 played at “Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace” which bills itself as “the best honky-tonk west of the Mississippi. It’s a fun dive-y roadhouse/restaurant and a cool place for a show. The bunch of us ran into our friend Thomas there & we all had dinner & hung around waiting for the show. Opening was a local singer named Tim Easton.

I had wondered if they would use any sort of intro music as Tiger Army always plays Hank William’s “Angel of Death” before they come on and I was most pleased at the selection – Johnny Cash’s version of Danzig’s “13”, how appropriate!

Nick 13 came out dressed in a black suit with a blue ascot & his band wore mainly black embroidered shirts. Didn’t catch their names (yet!) but recognized the bassist as John Bowler from the Guana Batz (on his gorgeous lime green King Doublebass Sparkle King).

They played a great set of many new songs, plus the Honky-Tonk version of “Cupid’s Victim”, Tiger Army’s “Outlaw Heart” and the 2 songs Nick had done at OCtoberflame 2009 – “Carry My Body Down” and “Gambler’s Life”. The new tunes were: “Someday”, “Nashville Winter”, “Restless Moon”, “101”, “Under the Night”, “Sea of Heartbreak” and they ended with a cover song “Walkin the Floor” originally by Ernest Tubb (the Texas Troubadour). Awesome stuff, can’t wait for the solo album he is currently recording!

There’s some videos up on Youtube: http://www.ghosttigers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1604

We left shortly after they finished as we had a LONG drive back to Orange but thankfully I managed to stay awake!

I posted tons of photos in my Flickr galleries –

Nick 13 concert pix – http://www.flickr.com/photos/sistinas138/sets/72157624308032417

Pioneertown - http://www.flickr.com/photos/sistinas138/sets/72157624441902330

Pioneertown –

Pappy & Harriets –

Fritch working the merch table

Nick 13's merch

Pioneertown show setlist:

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