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more art geeking.....

Woot! Just landed this lovely Audrey Kawasaki print on ebay - I love her work & with two tigers in it I was even a bigger sucker for it :) It was done a couple months ago for the "Year of the Tiger" show at Roq La Rue gallery called "Tiger Tiger Burning Bright" that were only sold to attendees
so I am glad to find one!

She is here on lj- http://i-seldom-do.livejournal.com
Her website: www.audrey-kawasaki.com

I just love this print with all the Japanese Yokai in it that she did as a time limited release announced on her LJ earlier this year (LOL...still remember... I was on my way to Baltimore for Poe's Birthday celebration & had to find a Panera with wifi to log in & order at the exact time and had trouble getting thru as her website was crashing because of all the orders!) -

"Hyakki Yakou"
Tags: artgeek, audrey kawasaki, lizjunk
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