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weak in the presence of beauty....

Catching up a bit, a week ago Sunday kisarazumama and I took a road trip down to Richmond, Virginia to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to catch the big show of work by Louis Comfort Tiffany that is there until August 15th. Unbelievably beautiful stuff, espacially the big stained glass mermaid window (see here), must order the book as I couldn't take any photos in the special exhibition...

...at least non-flash photography is permitted in their permanent collection as they have an unbelievable collection of Art Nouveau which I have been completely nuts for since I discovered it as a young teen, went totally gaga... It is probably the best collection of Art Nouveau in the United States. I love the thought that any utilitarian object can be beautiful and these artisans took that idea all the way!

I posted a ton of photos on my flickr -

Cool bat bowl

Amazing bedroom set, looked soooo comfy! Louis Majorelle Bedroom Suite, ca. 1905 - 1908


Charles Rennie Mackintosh tile

dragonfly lady vase

Rene Lalique broch

Rene Lalique choker

Lalique mirror

sculpture by Alphonse Mucha

broach with design by Mucha

lovely peacock pin, they are selling replicas in the museum store for $110, was very tempted! Will probably get it next time I go there...

painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (swoon!)

one of my favorite pieces - a bronze self portrait of actress Sarah Bernhardt as a Sphinx (1880)

(please disregard relection of my Alkaline Trio short please!)

Alexander Fisher "Tristan and Isolde" Buckle (1896)

Louis Comfort Tiffany lamps -

amazingly ornate Tiffany punch bowl

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