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more music festivals to come!

Doom Magazine! has some galleries up now of my Warped photos of The Casualties, Andrew W.K. and After Midnight Project (along with my Hootenanny shots), with Alkaline Trio, Left Alone and possibly the Swaggers still to come :)

And this weekend I'll be heading to (gawd help me the hideously named) "Jiffy Lube Live" (Nissan Pavillion at least sounded classier) and shooting the all day Mayhem Festival including Rob Zombie, Korn, Atreyu and a bunch more for them =)

Took a look at how many bands were on the bill & quick ordered some 16 GB cards from Adorama (yay for quick shipping!!!)... really want to get good shots of Rob Zombie to make up for the ones I tried to get in 1993 at the old 9:30 Club when I went to see White Zombie play - I snuck in a little Olympus Stylus 35mm point & shoot and tried my best to get shots but damn Zombies bounced around the stage so fast I ended up with two rolls of mainly ends of dreadlocks flying out of the frame :( Yay for MUCH FASTER dSLRs!!!
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