Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Psycho Head Blowout......

Had a long, hot but ultimately fun day last Sunday down near Manassas, Virginia at the cringeworthy named venue "Jiffy Lube Live" (formerly the somewhat classier sounding Nissan Pavillion) shooting the Mayhem festival for DOOM! magazine, jumped at the chance to get some good pix of Rob Zombie & Co as well as a ton of other bands.

Still gotta finish downloading all the memory cards & sending images on to miseryxchord but got shots of Atreyu, 3 Inches of Blood, Winds of Plague, Chimera, Hatebreed and Shadows Fall on the outdoor stages during the afternoon, and then Five Finger Death Punch, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie and Korn on the mainstage in the evening.

And speaking of Doom! Magazine, my Alkaline Trio, Left Alone & Swaggers shots from Warped last month are up now!! :)

meanwhile here's a sneak preview of Rob Zombie & John 5 :) (BTW when I look at these pix of J5 all I can think of is how his makeup looks like Rocky getting ready for the floorshow...)

Tags: concert photos, concert pix, john 5, rob zombie
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