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Ra ra-ah-ah-ah. Roma roma-ma

Roadtripped down to Charlottesville, VA on Wednesday to catch Lady GaGa at the John Paul Jones Arena @ the University of VA since I was able to get much better seats there when they went onsale than the nosebleed ones I could have got for DC - turned out to be well worth the trip! (Yay also for Captain Kirk & Priceline as we were able to get a very nice room at the Marriott Courtyard for only $65 - less than I paid down there last time for a skanky Days Inn!)

Paula wrote a brilliant review that is now up on Doom! magazine with some pix I got with my little Lumix

And yes, there really is a monster at the Monster Ball. He looks rather like a giant angler fish dangling glittery bling to draw his prey. =)


Also really enjoyed the openers Semi Precious Weapons - gave me many flashbacks of the times I spent hanging out at Squeezebox @ Don Hills in NYC back in the mid to late 90s, sigh! Gotta love anybody who proclaims "I can't pay my rent, but I'm fucking Gorgeous!"

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