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Damned asthma....

Another lousy night of coughing & wheezing, stayed up all night because I couldn't get it to stop long enough to sleep, then made it to see Dr. Kossari at 8 AM - spent the morning getting IVs of stuff to help & breathing treatments so finally am feeling better but unbelievably tired..at least it is Friday so I can crash thru the weekend tho Mon & Tues will be long days running another Protein Structure conference.

At least I was able to entertain myself much of the night thanks to some wonderful folks in Oz who emailed me a TON of photos from the first two shows of Tiger Army's Australian tour with more to come - I am alwasy thrilled to be sent contribitions & so happy people like the site!! Lotsa new pix on the concert page - http://www.ghosttigers.com/gallery/concert/

Just gotta get better soon! I leave for California in less than 3 weeks for the 1st 3 Tiger Army shows (Ventura, Anaheim, Las Vegas), man am I looking forward to that! Also snagged tix for the last3 shows on the tour at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip which will be fun like last July!. Not sure what all ones I;m doing in between but definitely as many as I can manage, gotta have something to look forward to to help get me thru the day!
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