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Sideshow Toys and the Half Blood Prince.....

I caved & preordered the Medicom Real action hero figure of Severus Snape that is coming out this fall thru Sideshow toys, gotta have my own Alan Rickman as he played my fav character in the movies. Thankfully they take layaway! (Being as I started reading the books after I saw the 1st movie I wonder if I would have loved the book character quite as much if I didn't always picture him in my head as Rickman). But I was afraid of missing out on this, sigh, it is an incredible likeness. He and my Medicom Sweeney Todd can sit around and glower at each other.

The detail is amazing, as always! Like I keep saying, they make much better toys than when I was a kid (makes me feel not as bad about all that my mom threw out)

Saw Deathly Hallows Pt 2 Friday night & enjoyed very much, its too bad a lot had to be cut though they already split it to two movies so I can't complain too much but in retrospect too bad they couldn't have done each book as a mini series like HBO is doing with Game of Thrones. REALLY enjoyed the first season of that, have always loved the books and I think the adaptation is doing it justice. Very happy to see Peter Dinklage nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of that rascally dwarf, Tyrion Lannister, who is easily the most interesting (and intelligent) character in the series.

Just got the latest George R.R. Martin book in the Song of Ice and Fire series "A Dance with Dragons" when it came out last week, am reading slowly right before bedtime to savor it and make it last!
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