Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

a good morning to be alive and well....

Every little thing we do has consequences, many times we don't even realize them without looking back in hindsight.

A little over a year ago Paula and I moved out of our hellhole of an apartment with worse management and into a wonderful place much nearer to where we work. There were a few downsides in that moving itself was expensive and the rent is close to double the old dump's but we have been so glad we did it - we are no longer being continually harassed by the management and barraged with noise and feeling unsafe in a neighborhood that had slide far downhill and become full of crime and gang activity. Instead we live now in a beautiful, well kept place that makes us happy every time we enter it, with polite, quiet neighbors and friendly, helpful staff in a very safe and peaceful neighborhood filled with wonderful markets, restaurants, shopping etc.

But yesterday it REALLY hit home what else I'd dodged. As I was leaving work a co-worker advised me to avoid the main road (Rt 355/Rockville Pike) as it was closed due to a major accident. So I exited out the back of the NIH campus on to Old Georgetown Road and went home that way. Then checked the news online to see what had happened.

The accident was a bad one - a truck had crossed the road plowing into an oncoming bus. The truck driver was killed, the bus driver seriously injured and had to be extracted & flown via medivac to Shock Trauma. Many passengers were seriously injured & taken to local hospitals.

The bus involved was the 4:20 J9 express to Lakeforest Mall. The very same bus that I took home from work nearly every day for about ten years until I moved. I often sat in the front right behind the driver as the bus would be pretty full by the time it reached NIH which was the last stop before its Gaithersburg destination and those were usually the only seats left.

I spent much of the night shaking and hugging my cat, so relieved that I hadn't been on it.

Its a good morning to be alive and in one piece!
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