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always get maudlin this time of year...

I always get a bit maudlin this time of year and reflect back on the past 12 months... Its been a year... a year of decompressing and readjusting following a major move out of a nightmare to much nicer surroundings, and realizing the extent of PTSD that former residence inspired when it look months to chill out and relax. Finances have been tight especially with my salary frozen for the foreseeable future and higher rent + bills than old place so drastically cut back on traveling from other years, started taking some painting commissions again (even tho it stresses me ut it is easier than getting a 2nd job) and finding stuff I can part with on ebay. If I get down about it I try to look at the big picture and look at how I have it relatively well off with a stabile job compared to some many others who are unemployed or underemployed and/or without benefits.

At least I have had significantly less stress in my life aside from $$$.

Definitely kept busy :) Some highlights for 2011 -

Favorite movies of the year (and Yay to Montgomery Mall's theater for selling me a yearlong pass on Groupon for all the movies I could watch! I can watch a lot!):
The Artist
Super 8
13 Assassins
Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Harry Potter finale

Worst movie – easy choice here, Sucker Punch. Had high hopes for it as the production art looked really cool but it was massively stupid, made Tarsem’s “Immortals” (dumb but visually groegous) look like a masterpiece by comparison.

Favorite concerts of 2011: (a year of good shows!)
Danzig Legacy on Halloween!
Tiger Army OCtoberflame
Nick 13 at the Troubadour
T.S.O.L. at the Ottobar
The Damned at the Black Cat
Bryan Ferry at Strathmore
D Generation reunion at Irving Plaza
Dir En Grey at Sonar

Favorite albums:
Nick 13 solo
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack (how cool was it to see Trent win an Oscar for Social Network???)
The Foo Fighters "Wasting Light" - continually stuck in my head
Janes Addiction - The Great Escape Artist

Cool experiences of 2011:
Got to Meet Henry Rollins after his photo slideshow at National Geographic Explorer’s Hall
Henry’s 50th Birthday also at National Geographic Explorer’s Hall
Seeing Davey Havok on Broadway in “American Idiot” Green Day musical
Hearing Neil Gaiman speak about American Gods at the National Press Club
Finally getting to meet London May!
seeing Russell Brand perform at Patriot Center
seeing Cirque Du Soliel "Iris" show (with music by Danny Elfman!!)

Great art exhibits I saw
Tim Burton at LACMA
Chet Zar at Copra Nason Gallery
Ray Caesar at Corey Helford Gallery
Daphne Guiness collection of amazing haute couture at FIT
(kicking myself I did not make it to the Met in time to see the Alexander McQueen show! At least I did get the book....)

Cool things I got in 2011 –
Michael Zulli Sandman painting
many cool Mondo movie posters
great flea market find on Marcel Breur Wassily Bauhaus chair!
4 Soom BJD dolls! (Bazael, Beryl + Migma twins)
Royal Worcester Arabian “Indian Magic” porcelain (my horsie holy grail!)
Audrey Kawasaki “Enrapture” and “Charlotte” prints
Sylvia Ji “Tehuana” print
Martin Wittfooth “Vernus” print
Chris Conn Askew “Bablon” and “Queen of Diamonds” prints
Mark Ryden “Yoshi” print
Hot Toys Sweeney Todd and Aldo Raine!

Low point of 2011 –
Finding out that my dear friend Kristen took her life, I had no idea how she had struggled with a severe borderline personality disorder that I didn’t even understand until it was too late, not that I probably could have helped according to what I’ve since read up on that disease. I miss her badly, I wish I could have helped her out. I also regret that the ONE TIME a former friend who was always making up crazy stories wan't lying to me about Kristen and actually told the truth that I hadn't instantly dismissed it ala "boy who cries wolf", sigh!
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