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In Misery.....

The last few days have been hell.... a freakishly intense thunderstorm hit very suddenly Friday night doing massive damage to the region. The nearest roads look like a tornado the size of a Tasmanian Devil ( the cartoon guy, not the furry one) took out a quarter of the trees about 3-4 feet off the ground but wrenching them off at the base of the trunk...

We lost power & now hear it may be a whole week until it is restored - they are estimating July 6th - CRY! There is no power in my apartment building, even their emergency generator is out and it is hotter than hell, thankfully we are only on the third floor & as we need to bring a flashlight into the stairwells to get in and out as the eleveators are out of service. I think most people on the higher floors have bugged out. On Saturday I met a fellow coming down from the 17th floor with his wife and baby and their luggage & he was sweating heavily & breathing hard and couldn't wait to escape.

Meanwhile we are having a heat wave with record breaking temperatures for this time of year in the high 90s to 100+ with lots of humidity. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday sitting on the floor of Montgomery Mall with a power strip so I could recharge my laptop, cell phone and ipad, at least they had air conditioning, electricity, bathrooms and food available. It was a weird experience, like being in an upper middle class refuge center with folks desparate to charge their Apple devices, I amused myself by playing "count the MacBooks". Genius Bar onsite if you need assistance!

I am back at work today as NIH has their own power (and thankfully are air conditioned!!!) but I am so tired that I am really shaky as I have barely slept at all in 3 nights - I can't handle the heat as my body overheats very easily - I try to sleep but sweat so much I feel soaked (and can't wash or dry the sheets) and am utterly miserable.

It is like camping minus the fun and vacation aspect.

And have lost a whole refrigerator's worth of food which is a sizable financial hit, especially as Paula and I will either have to eat out all week (when we can find a place open) or subside on peanut butter sandwiches and pop tarts.... I bought a cooler & ice on Saturday but now all the ice has melted and I can't find any more to buy as everybody is sold out. There were over a million people here without power & now its just a few hundred thousand - ha!

I dread the 4th of July as everything will probably be closed for the holiday, hopefully will be able to afford multiple movies as some theaters should be open.

I am close to hitting lack-of-sleep delerium and fantasize about nothing more than just curling up in a cool dark place.

How will I last until Friday? Cry.....
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