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Art Trip to NYC Pt 1 - Zane Fix - great new artist discovery!

So yesterday kisarazumama and I caught the Tripper Bus up to NYC and back, it is soooo convenient as it leaves right from Bethesda about 2 1/2 miles away & there is free parking in the county garage on weekends! Just great for a day trip! Wanted to see lots of art, especially the Audrey Kawasaki show at the Jonathan LeVine gallery but when we got into town we took the subway downtown to check out the Chelsea Market and made a great new discovery!

Paula spotted this great Japanese influence Bettie Page poster so we walked into the Stray Kat Gallery in the market only to be overwhelmed by an array of brightly colored prints that were a perfect merger of American rock n' roll and pinup aetheistics blended with traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock style. Jaws hit floor, went intro want mode, it would just be REALLY hard to narrow it down to what to get as they were all so cool!

While we were blithering among ourselves over this awesome discovery, a skinny black clad rock n roll looking dude with wild spiky black hair that made him look like Tim Burton's younger cousin came over and introduced himself - he was the artist & had lived in Japan for a few years & worked very hard to be respectful of the Japanese art tradition. I gushed over how impressed I was, and which were my favorites and was able to get a wonderful set of 3 signed & numbered miniature prints of my fans, a "Rockabuki" (Rockabilly/Kabuki") mashup of guitarist/drummer & upright bassist.

He gave me his name, Zane Fix, and website http://www.jappopart.com and I know I'll be ordering some more pieces from him, especially love the great Samurai portrait of Gene Simmons (of course Gene lends himself perfectly to that treatment, reminds me of some of the PsychoCircus comic art!). Got a photo of Mr. Fix posing with a large print of his Bowie painting, leaves me wanting to see his version of Ziggy Stardust as a lion dancer (maybe in one of those Kansai Yamamoto outfits????)

meet Zane Fix -

and these are the 3 prints I picked up -

Check out his work here-


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