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Art Trip to NYC - Part 2

(Saturday art trip continued)

Our first scheduled gallery stop was the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, currently hosting shows by two great artists, Audrey Kawasaki and Jeff Soto. I've been collecting Audrey's prints for a few years now but this is the first chance I've had to see her work in person, I just love her dreamy girls who give off such a feeling of calm yet controlled and her style mixes traditional Asian painting with an art nouveau flair.

I was very happy to discover that the gallery still had a few prints left for sale of the limited edition done for this show (limited to 150) of "You Come First" so was able to pick one up. (Scalpers are already charging double or more on ebay). These were only sold directy from the gallery in person and not online which is probably why they still had a few left - any of Audrey's prints sold online sellout with seconds.

You can see all of Audrey Kawasaki's "Midnight Reverie" on her blog here or

on on the Jonathan LeVine Gallery site

I took a bunch of pix with my iphone I put on my flickr gallery here - (image shown is H.R. Giger "Li II" sculpture from Last Rites Gallery)
Art Trip to NYC Sept 2012


This is Audrey Kawasaki's "You Come First" that the print was done from - I got # 14/150

The other show also at the Jonathan LeVine was Jeff Soto's "Decay and Overgrowth" - been following his work for a while but I think these are his best yet, amazing glowing use of colors -

After leaving the Jonathan LeVine we walked up the staircase at the corner to the Chelsea High Line park and were able to walk 6 blocks uptown to the front door of the Claire Oliver Gallery who were have a show of sculptures by Beth Cavener Stichter called "Come Undone"

Beth sculpts huge animal figures of stoneware using them in an anthropomorphic way to convay emotions, she blends a skillfull knowledge of animal anatomy with a very graceful stylized flow that makes these exceptionally beautiful.

Our last stop was at the Last Rites Gallery located at Paul Booth's tattoo studio in a warehouse a few blocks west of Penn Station (close to where we'd catch the bus home). It was a pleasure also to see his work in person with his glowing colors and haunting fairy tale type narratives -

David Stoupakis "Ashes to Sorrow"
at Last Rites Gallery
On Hi-Fructose Site

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