Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

All I ever want for my birthday is a nice quiet day :)

Every year I hope for a nice non-eventful birthday since April 19th tends to be "blow shit up day" (think Waco Massacre and Oklahoma City Bombings) so I kinda decided to avoid the news after seeing the whole city of Boston was in lockdown and tried to have my nice quiet day :) And had a nice day yesterday for my b'day!

First stop - breakfast at the Original Pancake house & then off to a shopping spree at the awesome Stone Ridge Used Book sale that happens every year at the school down the road - 3 huge gymnasiums full of tables of cheap used books - wowza! The local book dealers camp out overnight for spots in line (and bring their handtrucks to cart their purchases) but i got lucky and was there as they were restocking the holes in the hardcover science fiction section & lucked into a slew of great hardcovers by Harlan Ellison, Cordwainer Smith, Roger Zelazny, Robert Silverberg, Dan Simmons & more - yay!!!

For dinner Paula O'Keefe treated me to my fav local Japanese restaurant Hinode who have the best tempura around & got tempura + teriyaki, then the AFI Silver was conveniently starting their new director's series with the films of one of my favorites, Guillermo Del Toro so I finally got to see his 1st film, "Chronos" on the big screen - yay!

Many thanks also to Paula for the adorably cute present - a little ball joined kitty girl doll (shown here with Spooky cat). She is "Valentine" made by Wilde Imagination to go with the "Evangeline Ghastly" doll I have, I have named her "Zsa Zsa" after the white Persian cat I used to catsit when I was a child - she was owned by my neighbor across the street, Mrs. Bellfield who was my introduction to crazy cat ladies :)

Overall, a nice quiet birthday (sorry Boston but hope all is OK now!!!)

Spooky and Zsa Zsa
 photo IMG_1059_zps29327d7a.jpg

yummy beef teriyaki at Hinode
 photo IMG_1070_zpsb0c20283.jpg

Guillermo fest!!!
 photo IMG_1071_zps6785a232.jpg
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