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How to Destroy Angels

Caught last night at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD (conveniently right across the street from my favorite movie theater the AFI Silver!) Opted for the balcony since Paula and I were pretty tired and I'd been sick with allergies (record pollen season!) but got some decent pix from there.

I ended up sitting next to Maariqueen's cousin who told me that she used to babysit her as a child & this was an incredibly surreal experience! She'd brought M's very young niece with her and delighted in pointing to the stage "There's Auntie! There's your Uncle!". The little girl danced like crazy and had a wonderful time! No doubt in 15-20 years I'll be back watching her band :)

 photo treznor_zpsf0d21800.jpg

 photo trent_zps14af2eff.jpg

 photo mariqueen_zpsce98dc4f.jpg

Put more on flickr -

How to Destroy Angels album on Flickr
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