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Ghost BC brings their sonic ritual to DC

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A few weeks ago Paula and I were driving in my carout while listening to 98 Rock from Baltimore, those Metallica worshipping metal lovers who thankfully are still allowed to pick out their own records & haven't been bought out by Clear Channel & made into a pre-recorded franchise. And this song came on and was unlike anything we'd ever heard on the radio & we were rivited - a an eerie Gregorian chant type sound we heard this call

"Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub,
Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer"

WTF on the radio? What is THIS???? It was beautiful and orchestral, I told Paula "quick, write down some lyrics so we can google 'em when we park, I gotta know what this is. Actually I have an idea who it might be...." and I told her...

My friend Lana had recommended Ghost to me a few months ago, I'd downloaded their fuirst album "Opus Eponymous" which was quite good. But I hadn't heard this one!

A quick google search confirmed my suspicion - it was "Zero Hour" from Ghost's newest "Infestissumam" that had just come out a few days earlier. Hmm, and they are coming to the 9:30 club, I had this feeling if I missed out I would kick myself later so a quick navigation to ticketfly & tickets were secured.

Their first album was good but "Infestissumam" knocks it out of the park, these guys are definitely my favorite new discovery in the last few years. The last band I discovered that I enjoyed this much was Dommin a few years back. So I was very psyched to see them live.

Last night they brought their sonic ritual to the 9:30 Club in high style. Paula and I got there early & were able to go to their Backbar when it opened at 6 PM and then were among the first few let into the club proper when it opened. Paula went upstairs to the balcony but I got a prime spot on the barricade in hopes they wouldn't mind a camera...

And they didn't, I was able to take a ton of pix with my most wonderful little point and shoot (G15) - yay!!!

Whole gallery up on flickr now of Papa Emeritus II and the Nameless Ghouls -


I really recommend these guys! They are more goth than metal IMHO, way over the top in presentation but one of the few "visually oriented" bands that really has the music and talent to back them up so they are not just a novelty act.

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