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so hard to say goodbye to my dear spooky

Goodbye, my dear sweet little buddy.

I had an incredibly rough few days starting last Friday as my beloved Spookycat declined so quickly.

He had been diagnosed with diabetes a few weeks back and seemed to be doing OK on his insulin shots until Friday when he started vomiting uncontrollably. He spent Saturday at the kitty hospital on fluids & meds and they put him on antibiotics to help with the blood and pus in his urine as he was battling another urinary tract infection.

I took him home and he refused any food, so I spent the next few days feeding him baby food through an oral syringe and he just wasn't having it. His blood glucose shot so high the meter couldn't register it (said "High Glucose - over 600") and in a last ditch effort after speaking to the vet he saw on Saturday (his regular doctor is out until Thursday) he suggested a change of insulin so I left work early on Monday & drove out to pick up some ProZinc that I gave him and then tested his blood sugar hourly but it didn't have any effect as I still got the ultra high glucose warning.

The poor little guy was just so tired and worn out, I was certain he was telling me his time had come, the best I could do was give him a painless and dignified exit. I feared with his blood sugars so high be might go into convulsions or seizures and then coma. Paula called the vets for me when they opened yesterday as I was crying too hard to pull myself together and she made an appointment for later that morning and we took him out to one last doctor's visit and said farewell to my best little buddy. I am just devastated. The veterinarian who attended him was very respectful and calming and gave him a sedative before that last shot. I cried my eyes out and stumbled outside a few minutes later just as the rain started and the church bells started tolling the noon hour, it was suitably gothic and slightly disorienting to walk out to that.

At least i gave him a wonderful spoiled rotten life for 8 years since I adopted him from the kill shelter. At the time they told me he was 4 but for all I know he could be older as he was full grown. He was such a huge healthy fellow with his equally oversized Maine Coon cat personality and voice, its been so hard to see him waste away to a shell of his former self and when he stopped talking I knew it was serious. I miss his little voice, his response to everything was "wow".

It is lonely here, I keep looking around hoping to see him, it is so weird to not have him constantly underfoot, next to me, talking, purring, doing his silly little things like lying down by falling on his head first or leaving hair ties in his kibble bowl.

I'm sure there will be another kitty in my future, I'd be too lonely without one. Maybe in a few months a little puffball will fill the aching hole in my heart. I definitely want another Maine Coon since he was such a great breed ambassador in showing me the typical people-oriented outgoing Maine Coon personality. He never heard about cats being aloof or having "catitude"

some pix of my beautiful boy -

flash back to 2005 when i first saw him in the shelter -

and when he first came home

 photo spooky-upsidedown.jpg

 photo spookycat-6.jpg

dressed for Halloween (and hating every moment!)
 photo halloween-kitty.jpg

 photo spooky4-9-10-05.jpg

 photo DSC_0399.jpg

kitty kisses from rissa-
 photo DSC_0446.jpg

 photo DSC_0447.jpg

stoned on Xmas catnip
 photo spooky-xmas4.jpg
helping Paula sleep
 photo nap2.jpg

 photo spooky-may-2006-3.jpg


 photo spooky-may-2006-tussle.jpg

snakes on a cat!
 photo snakesonacat2.jpg

snuggling with tropical vacation Cthulhu
 photo kehtenz5.jpg

 photo spooky-and-rissa.jpg

 photo DSC_0249.jpg

 photo DSC_0075.jpg

This is one of my favorite photos - Judy took this picture the night I adopted Spooky and brought him home from the shelter. He'd spent the evening mostly hiding under my desk but after I fell asleep he jumped into bed with me and she got this shot which made me very happy as my big boy knew whose cat he was:

 photo newkitty-lizroom.jpg

Also here is a link to my tribute to my previous kitty, Boo who I lost in 2005 - I always thought if she hadn't been fixed she would have had beautiful kittens, and Spooky is what I imagined they would have looked like. He acted much like her so I felt he was her son in spirit anyway,

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