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The Story of Jonesy

After Spooky died I was heartbroken and lonely, I mean what good is a crazy cat lady with no cat? I knew I wanted another Maine Coon cat as I love their personalities.

kisarazumama said "Get a kitten, they are lots of fun". I definitely wanted a cat that didn't have all sorts of pre-existing trauma and issues like poor Spook did - much as I loved him he was a lot to deal with, especially with his litterbox avoidance issues which I am certain go back to pain and trauma of his previous owners declawing him.

I wanted a happy little fellow who had a perfect kittenhood and no stress. So the quest began. I researched probably every Maine Coon cat breeder in a 200 mile radius and inquired about available kittens and upcoming litters

I was very happy to have found Roseann DeLuca at Cold Creek Farm up in Gettysburg PA. A breeder and trainer of working German Shepherds, she’s taken up breeding Coonie cats under the mentorship of Jane Turner of Canada whose “Dotcom”cats are Champions worldwide.

I googled the “Dotcom” lines and was blown away by their incredible beauty and breed type so I made a reservation for a kitten from the next litter and crossed my finger for a little boy and as luck would have it, two male creamsicle (red silver) classic tabbies were born August 8th and I could have a little kitten!

Since momma cat is named “Ripley” and dad is “Bishop” after characters from the “Alien” movies there was a glaringly obvious name for an orange tabby cat so he just had to be named “Jonesy” after the Sigourney Weaver character Ellen Ripley’s pet cat in the 1979 classic (the one who keeps jumping out and startling people expecting the xenomorph).

I took a series of road trips to Gettysburg on weekends to visit Jonesy from the time he was 10 days old so I wasn’t a stranger when I could bring him home and we’ve become besties. Of the two kittens in the litter, he's the one who picked me out when he was about 6 week sold and crawled into my lap and purred up a storm and it was wonderful to start the bonding process early and not be a stranger when I went to pick him up at 12 weeks of age - he came home November 1st and settled right in. I also am very grateful to Roseann for welcoming us into her home and letting us come and visit him many times. When I was furloughed during the government shut down and incredibly stressed out I was most appreciative of "kitten therapy" and also got to visit with her beautiful cats, her German Shephards, chickens, peacock and Clydesdales!



He’s just the sweetest little love bug and has really cheered me up. I can get registration papers once he’s “snipped” and plan on his official name being “Cold Creek Nostromo Jones”. Pedigree nut that I am, I’ve already traced his heritage back to the alley cat at Walter Reed Hospital who gave birth to his tail-male sire (“Andy Katt of Heidi Ho”, a foundation sire of the breed) and was amused as hell that his great-great-great grand-ma was called "Coonflakes Sigcoony Weavr". So I’m a crazy cat lady and proud

He's even got his own facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/NostromoJones

Jonesy and his brother at 10 days old when I first met them:

 photo 1483812_623630711032313_2115115349_o_zps0aca755a.jpg

and with momma Ripley

 photo 1497714_623629554365762_2136819448_n_zpsf62b27ee.jpg

the twins a few weeks later

 photo 1471383_623626581032726_277372687_n_zps4d7d4baf.jpg

Jonesy a few weeks later -

 photo 10009608974_f094153099_k_zps08a6572d.jpg

 photo 10793667834_3fe773bd57_c_zps590a70bd.jpg

 photo 1412737_623632954365422_1596933750_o_zpsf9cbb4a4.jpg

with kizarumama shortly after coming home at 12 weeks

 photo 1456527_623633381032046_576673988_n_zps126d1867.jpg

On my bed with his favorite toy Mr Zombie Head

 photo 1489048_623625374366180_1622027131_n_zps57e95121.jpg

Jonesy's daddy Bishop, a handsome brown tabby

 photo 1460056_623624204366297_1871369773_n_zps3c03a60c.jpg

and momma Ripley, a beautiful silver tortie

 photo 1471370_623621501033234_1962109736_n_zpsd7750acd.jpg

Both of his parents are show Champions and Roseann is encouraging me to show Jonesy at cat shows with her kitties so he might just do that!

Here is his namesake, Jonesy the Cat in the 1979 Ridley Scott classic ALIEN

 photo 1497707_623621114366606_847100881_n_zps48772d37.jpg
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