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relaxing in Ventura : )

Flew out from Baltimore last night on southwest after work & enjoyed getting a chance to finally watch some episodes of "Wonderfalls" on my laptop on the flight - damn I am sorry that show got cancelled before I ever got to see it as it was BRILLIANT - masterminded by Tim Minnear (one of the main writers on Buffy & Angel) its about a wacky 20 something drop out type gal who got a degree in Philosophy from Brown but ended up (her choice) living in the "high and dry" trailer park and working in a gift shop in Niagara Falls & becomes an unwitting agent of fate when inanimate objects like a little lion statue and pink flamingos start talking to her & telling her to do things.... Way too weird for mainstream TV!

Anyway checked into a nice motel around the corner from the Ventura theater (with free DSL -yay!) & busy getting ready for tonight's Tiger Army show (the first on their US Dark Romance tour), will soon meet up with some friends & head down to the theater, very psyched for the show, the first of 16 for me this tour, hard to believe this will be my 33rd Tiger Army show tonight!

Judy got tickets for me for the HFestival taking place in Baltimore (where the station relocated) on May 14th - there is a good lineup of bands playing including Social Distortion, Interpol, Garbage, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Foo Fighters, Billy Idol and The New York Dolls (which kinda scares me, I mean are any still alive aside from David Johansson??) We got the club seats which I THINK are for the swanky boxes (I've never been there, I mean its a SPORTS arena) but they promised better access to things like bathrooms and air conditioning so I figured it was worth the extra $$$, unfortunately its still during the day.... (I have this problem with concepts like "outside" and "sunlight", probably why I am sitting in a hotel on the internet when it is a beautiful sunny Southern California day outside half a mile from the Pacific Ocean....go fig!)

anyway counting the hours til the show! : )
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