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Saturday night in Las Vegas!!

Caught an early flight Saturday morning from LAX to Vegas, rented another car & stayed at the El Cortez which turned out to be only a block from the venue (Jillian's), went over early to case the place & ran right into James & Jeff and met some cool fans who were hanging out early.

The venue was a gaming arcade & they didn't seem to quite know what to do with holding a show so things were a bit confusing (esp in regards to photography!) It got really crazy because they insisted on taking my camera and locking it in their safe and then bringing it to me right befire TA came onstage but at least it all woirked out & they were quite polite about it even tho it was all very odd, but I got a great spot up front & got some good photos, finally got some nice ones of James as the stage was low and close (hard to photo drummers when you have a high stage!!)

Lots more pix here ---> http://www.ghosttigers.com/gallery/concert/LasVegas2005.html

After the show I picked up one of the really nice new "Dark Romance" tour shirts that had suddenly appeared (had not been at the other 2 shows) and hung out for a while talking to all the guys in Lost City Angels who are really nice and friendly and only too happy to sign my CDs, told them I'd seen them again in a week and a half in Florida they were amused, also met Mark the singer from the Unseen (who has some awesome tats, on one arm he's got the 3 skeletons from "November Coming Fire" with the Crimson Ghost underneath.

Hard to go back home & head to work but at least I've got a lot more shows ahead of me, now to try and concentrate in the meanwhile!!! : )
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