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another art binge...

My large Michael Zulli oil painting ("Maya") arrived today very carefully packed & is utterly amazing tho huge (30x40) and will require some shuffling on the walls and a large print ("Winter's King")will go into storage to make room for it. And I succumbed to another amazing piece of his on ebay of a cheetah patterned sphinx entitled "My Painted Smile" - I distinctly remember buying a black & white line drawing style print of the same subject some years back at the San Diego comic con that was done as a benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - again I had to have it as it reminded me so strongly of one of my favorite symbolists, Fernand Khnopff and his famous "The Caress".

In just one week I'll be on my way to Orlando to head off to another string of Tiger Army shows & work my way up the east coast- I can't wait as i had so much fun at the first three. And I'm especially psyched about seeing them play here in DC on my birthday : ) Its just so hard to concentrate on work in the meanwhile! Glad that my photos I've been posting here and other places have gotten such a good reception and my TA website keeps getting more and more hits & the message board keeps growing - yay! I hope that I am helping to promote my fav boys!
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