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Rodriquez is a freakin' genius.....

Caught "Sin City" this afternoon at the Kentlands theater, I am utterly floored by how well Robert Rodriquez translated the comic on to the big screen, it was an amazing artistic achievement and visually stunning, also a fantastic job of casting (especially making cute little hobbit boy Elijah Wood as one of the creepiest on screen characters ever...) Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke are especially brilliant.

Wow... just Wow.... I hope there are more things like this in the future! Its gotta be one of of the most violent films I've ever seen, if it wasn't in (mostly) black & white (with judicious spots of color) and so stylized (with the blood in white, just like Frank Miller drew it) it would have been pretty hard on the stomach. Even as it was Paula hit her limit about a third of the way through & it was pretty rough for her to watch.

Then to the Caspian House of Kabobs - yumm!!!
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