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down in Disney world.....

Flew down to Orlando last night & went over to the House of Blues @ Downtown Disney to catch Tiger Army today - met a VERY cool gal from the AFI board & we talked all day & wee into the night, glad to have made another good friend, starting thinking about how traveling to all these shows isn't just about the shows but all the people you meet along the way & even in a bigger sense how life is a huge puzzle & how slowly you assemble all the pieces & fit them into places, needless to say we had a lot of really intersting conversations & some of our experiences have been too parallel to believe, it really is a freaking small world...

The show was brilliant - here is the setlist that Nick's guitar tech was nice enough to give me after the show (a zillion people were trying to get it & he was nice enought to make sure I got it safely - what a nice guy!!!)

Ghost Tigers Rise
True Romance
When the Night Comes Down
Santa Carla Twilight
Cupid's Victim
Fog surrounds
Rose of the Devil's Garden
20 Flight Rock
Temptation!!!!!! (I've never heard this live before!!!!)
Through the Darkness
Never Die

Encore - Annabel Lee!!!!

Had to laugh - during the Unseen's set their singer Mark asked "are you all ready for Tiger Army" - I of coyrse whooped - he pointed down at me & said "I just saw this girl in California like a week ago & now she's in fucking Florida!!" and grinned = ) I ran into him after the show & we got to talking, showed him some of my Tiger Army pix & told him if he wanted any they could use on their website or whatever I'd be glad to take em & he liked that idea, gave him my card & he saw my email addy & said "sistinas, is that like the Danzig song" & before ya know it we are showing each other our Danzing related tattoos & bonding over 4p - very cool guy!!

Need sleep now... must crash so I can get up early to drive to Jacksonville - woot!!!!
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