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onwards to Jacksonville.....

Left Orlando early Fruday & headed off to Jacksonville, met up with some folks from the ghosttigers board & we went down early to the Freebird Cafe on Jacksonville beach - just a block from the ocean so I got about as much of a glimpse of the Atlantic as I did of the Pacific when I was in Ventura : )

Met a kinda cute and very funny guy in line, he was homeless & sleeping in somebody's car as his fortunes had been rather like a roller coaster at the bottom lately, I guess beach towns attract alot of drifter kids like that. Since he seemed bummed at missing the show Megan and I each chipped in $6 and bought Joey a ticket & he was very grateful & really enjoyed it!

The show was great until the end when things kinda fell apart.... during "Never Die" the strap broke on Nick's guitar - I could see a piece of metal flying off it on to the stage and could only thing "oh shit, that's not good" - he tried to play it but that didn't work so he ended up finishing the song without it & I could tell he was pretty upset so I was kinda surprized they did an encore but they came back & did "Under Saturn's Shadow" (with his other guitar)

Ghost Tigers Rise
True Romance
When Night Comes Down
Through the Darkness
Cupid's Victim
Jungle Cat
Rose of the Devil's Garden
20 Flight Rock
Power of Moonlite
Santa Carla Twilight
Never Die

Encore: Under Saturn's Shadow

Lots of pictures here -


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