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may this be my best birthday ever :)

I'm so psyched about tonight and seeing Tiger Army, The Unseen & Lost City Angels at the Black Cat.... the funny thing is - last year my birthday present to myself (I always get myself a nice one!) was a trip to see Tiger Army. I flew out to San Francisco to catch the show at the Avalon even tho it wasn't technically my b'day (it was 2 days early but since it was on a Saturday I could make it as I wouldn't have been able to take off from work during that week)

So this year I promised myself I'd go ANYWHERE to see them if they played ON my birthday so you can only imagine how blown away I was discover that I wouldn't have to go anywhere, that they'll be HERE. Even better since so many of my friends can make it!!! And I am totally loving Lost City Angels too!

I still bought myself a birthday present too.... a piece of silver jewelry by HR Giger I'd been admiring on his website for a while, its on order and not here yet (drat!) but looks like this:

Wild stuff!! (Extravagant Liz!)
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