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Saturday night in Hotlanta!

Got up early the morning after the Jacksonville show - dead tired as NO sleep all night (long story) but headed on anyway across I-10 and up I-85 where I saw the biggest car-B-que ever - one of those hugish SUV's totally engulfed in flames pulled over on the other side of the road - I took one look and all I could think was "fuck, what if that thing explodes" so I jumped into the far right lane just in case so the far left lane could absorb any potential impact (which thankfully did not happen)...Took about 6 hrs to get to Atlanta & found the hotel & checked in, then caught my 2nd wind when I got down to the Masquerade.

Went down to the Masquerade where everybody was setting up. The club is built in an old barn/warehouse kinda building on 3 floors - the lower floor is "Hell" the disco, the middle one is a bar called "Purgatory" and "Heaven" is the concert venue upstairs. There were two shows going on so Tiger Army & Co. were playing in "Hell" while King Diamond played upstairs in Heaven...I know, "Hell" would be so much more appropriate for Mr. Satanic Heavy Metal Dude... This created a new game - look at the T shirts of the guys in line and guess what show they'd be going to - some were easy (like Mad Sin or Slayer), some could go either way (like the guy in the Himsa shirt who ended up going to the King Diamond show)

The place was PACKED and the crowd was wild & active - during the Unseen's set a huge guy got dropped on my head and I went down & hit the barrier hard, I still have a huge lump on my jawbone from the impact and its sore... also a flying crowd surfer's foot hit my camera & shattered the filter on the lens - lets here it for the $15 UV filter that protected the $300 telephoto zoom - what a relief!! And at one point during Tiger Army's set something got smeared on the actual lens (now sans filter as I chose to live dangerously rather than use the other with a shorter focal length) which made for some interesting effects with the band members in focus buy the lights behind them blurred....at least it all cleaned off afterwards!

Tiger Army were great & got an amazing response - I didn't manage to snag a setlist but it was similar to the others, I know they did "Temptation" instead of "Jungle Cat" and "Under Saturn's Shadow" for the encore. Halfway thru they did "Incorporeal" but got messed up, ground to a halt & Nick said something about "well that's not working, how about Annabel Lee?" and they charged into Annabel Lee to the delight of the crowd & Nick looked real pleased with the response they got.

Some pix.... (will add more when I get a chance)

Ronnie from the Lost City Angels - we call him "Baby Glenn" cause he looks like a Misfits-era Danzig & has all the moves down! Seriously tho, they are a GREAT band and the sweetest guys and I am so enjoying them!

xMeganx & Ronnie after the show:

Just got a bunch of my Tiger Army pix up here:

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