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I just had the best birthday of my life!

Went down to the Black Cat in Washington DC (near where I live, I'm actually in the 'burbs in Maryland) to see Tiger Army - I had a BLAST and it was so great because so many of my friends made it : )

During the Unseen's set I helped sing along with their cover of the 'fits Halloween & then Mark dedicated "Scream Out" to me and wished me a Happy Birthday, he also gave me their setlist when they finished which was really nice of him!

And then when Tiger Army played Nick 13 said "we'd like to dedicate this song to a friend of ours who lives here in DC and her name is Elizabeth & its her birthday today so happy birthday" and he played "Through the Darkness" for me... I about melted into a happy little puddle on the ground....wow.....

I couldn't think of anywhere in the world I would rather have been to celebrate & having them dedicate songs to me really means a lot... I am pretty blown away!

Its after 3 AM so I REALLY need to sleep so I can get up at a decent hour to drive to Philly tomorrow to do it again but I just had to make some happy babble ; )

Pix from the Black Cat here - http://www.ghosttigers.com/gallery/concert/BlackCat2005.html

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