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back from NYC.....

LOOONG day/night yesterday - took the Amtrak up to NYC, saw Tiger Army, caught the 2:45 AM train outta New york that got into DC at 7 AM & came straight to work.... I am totally fried right now but it was so worth it and I had the foresight at least to stash a clean chance of clothes in my office since I knew I wouldn't have time to go home 1st and at least now I don't feel so grungy....

Anyway, the show was at BB King's on 42nd street right around the corner from Times Square - it is a pretty swanky upscale supper club kind of place, not where you'd expect to see a punk show. There was a low stage with NO barrier which made for a zillion guys jumping up & stage diving off & lots of flying bodies - Nick seemed a bit pissed at all the people jumping on stage & trying to sing into his mike (and the guy that knocked it over) but didn't complain and seemed pretty pumped up by the energy of the crowd & said it was the best response they'd ever gotten in NYC.

NYC setlist -

Ghost Tigers Rise
True Romance
ghost Fire
When the Night Comes Down
Through the Darkness
Cupid's Victim
Fog Surrounds
Jungle Cat
Rose of the Devil's Garden
20 Flight Rock
Santa Carla Twilight
Never Die

Encore - Under Saturn's Shadow

I started off the show right in front of the stage in front of Nick & then a couple of really drunk obnoxious idjits pushed their way in & I got moved over to the left about 6 feet...it was really crazy up there, I've never seen such an insane crowd at a Tiger Army show & so many stagedivers. I'm pretty sore & bruised right now but no way was I gonna bail....

The idiot directly to the right of me is the dude that jumped on stage and tried to put his filthy old hat on Mr 13 & Nick kicked him pretty good, that guy was drunk as hell & obnoxious as fuck, kept getting in my way of my camera & I was pretty much crawling on stage to shoot around Mr. Drunk.... but I still got some great shots tho so it was worth it.

Afterwards ended up hanging out with Lost City Angels for a while saying my goodbyes as it was the last show on this tour I'll see 'em at (couldn't make it to Pittsburgh today but am going to Cleveland on Wednesday to catch 12 Step Rebels opening)

Anyway I'll put up pix as soon as I get a chance (am behind a few shows... I now have pix from DC, Philly, Lancaster & NYC to post and I'll try get some up before I leave for Cleveland!!)

Update: NYC pix here:

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