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I always have a great time in Cleveland :)

Seems like I always have a particularly good time in Cleveland & last night was no exception, the show at the Agora was great & got totally wild - bodies flying everywhere (thankfully these crowd surfers didn't kick for once but I wish the REALLY big guy hadn't tried as my back is still sore!!!)

Got some great pix, I just posted some over in the Images section & I'll be putting up tons on my website later when I get home (still in Cleveland right now), here's the setlist:

Ghost Tigers Rise
Ghost Fire
True Romance
When the Night Comes Down
Santa Carla twilight
Cupid's Victim
Fog Surrounds
Rose of the Devil's Garden
20 Flight Rock
Through the Darkness
Never Die

Encore - by popular request & much screaming - ANNABEL LEE!

Nick was in a really goo dmood & joking around more than usual - at one point a zillion people were screaming "Fuck the World" and he was being kind asily & pretending he couldn't make out what they were saying

Great to see 12 step Rebels again as they opened for their first night on the tour, (and they dedicated :Go Go Graveyard Rockin' to me!! Chad also offered to put us on the guest list but I already had tix but it was really nice he thought of me!) Also got some great pix of them I'll be putting on my 12SR page, meanwhile here's 1 -

more of 12 Step Rebels here - http://www.psychotica.net/12StepRebels/

Some Tiger Army shots -

Update: lots more pix from Cleveland here:
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