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Spent a nice rainy Saturday up in Baltimore at the Walters Art Museum since they had a huge show on the works of George Stubbs. The highlight was seeing his mammoth masterpiece of "Whistlejacket" (shown here) which had never been exhibited outside of London before (I'd seen it there but it had been many years ago!). As somebody who paints and sculpts horses I can learn SOOO much just staring at his work, plus they had all his original anatomical studies on display that are still relavent today (it was through his book "The Anatomy of the Horse" that I learned all the structure)

The Walters also has a nice collection fo their own, I was especially impressed with their Asian art and some amazingly decorated Samurai swords, the sort of workmanship that must be seen top be believed as photos just can't capture it. Also a nice selection of ancient Egyptian art. Ran out of time to see the 4th floor so must go back to see all the 19th century art including some good orientalist & romantic paintings & jewelry by Lalique and Fabrege.

Then down to Fell's Point for some late lunch & CD shopping at Soundgarden & back home to crash - still tired & recuperating from all the running around i've been doing this last month! (but I'll be ready to go again!!)

Major coolness, I got an email from Linas Garsys who is one of my favorite artists, asking if he could use a photo of my backpiece tattoo (based on one of his drawings) on his new website - wowza! Told him I'd be flattered as hell (and also would love to buy any original art! I got a bunch of his pieces from a friend of his last year)
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