Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

farewell to a dear friend

In Loving Memory of "Boo"

1984 - May 10, 2005

"Boo" was a very shy but incredibly sweet half Maine Coon cat that my family got in the spring of 1984 as a tiny kitten. I inherited her in 1989 after my dad's suicide - the day before he killed himself he took my dog (Pooh Bear) to the vet's and had her put to sleep. He tried to catch Boo but she was smart and hid under the furnace in the basement and didn't come out for 3 days so when she did I brought her down to Maryland to live with me.

She was the sweetest little cat on earth & took good care of me, giving me extra "kitty love" when I was sick or depressed. She was very vocal with all the typical chirps of her Maine Coon heritage and also spoke with her eyes & would blink at you to communicate. If I stayed up too late she'd try and put me to bed and would come sit behond the desk & poke me in the butt with a paw - if that failed she'd jump up and use both feet to try and grab my wrist as I reached for the mouse. Without fail she would come to bed with me every night and sleep beside me until I fell asleep and then go back out to do her kitty business.

About 5 years back she lost a lot of weight & was diagnosed with hypothyroid - Dr. Cheryl at Gaithersburg Animal Hospital took good care of her & put her on tapazole with stabilized her for years until about two weeks ago when she started loosing weight drastically & going downhill rapidly and refused to eat even tho we tempted her with everything we could and fo rthe last week all we could get her to eat was baby food. I knew she was telling me she was ready to go yesterday when she pulled away when I tried to pet her which is something she'd never done before. It was a painful decision by the vet told me that her kidney's were probably going into failure and even heroic efforts would just buy time on my 21 year "old lady" cat.

I will miss her deeply. The only good thing to come out of it is that down the road it means another cat will get a loving home to join me for companionship as I can't see being without one - for now I am grateful that Paula got the "young whippersnapper" Rissa to replace Banshee when she passed last year (at the ripe old age of 20, our kitties certainly get the best care!)

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